I need some help with this program, im obviously not so good with this stuff, but since this is the only one i haev left to make i thought i would ask some of you guys for help

the problem is:

Write separate programs to do the following:
1) Convert the following function to one that uses recursion.
void sign(int n)
{ while (n >0)
cout << “ No parking\n”;
2) Write a recursive function that accepts an array of integers and a number indicating the number
of elements as arguments. The function should recursively calculate the sum of all the numbers
in the arrary. Demonstrate this function in a driver program.
3) Write a recursive function named IsMember that accepts two arguments: an array and a value.
The function should return 1 if the value is found in the array, or 0 if the value is not found in the
array. Demonstrate the function in a driver program.
4) Ackermann’s Function is a recursive mathematical algorithm that can be used to test how well a
computer performs recursion. Write a function A(m , n) that solves Ackermann’s Function. Use
the following logic in your function.
If m = 0 then return n + 1
If n = 0 then return A(m-1, 1)
otherwise, return A(m-1, A(m, n-1))
Test your function in a driver program that displays the following values:
A(0,0) A(0,1) A(1,1) A(1,2) A(1,3) A(2,2) A(3,2)
5) Write a recursive function to convert a number in base 10 to a number in base 2. Write a driver
and test the function

remember that i have very little knowledge of this stuff so might need to explain it too me slowly, also if anyone wants to just write it cause they had some time that would be much appreciated lol

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Oh ok. you just dumped a bunch of problems on us and expected us to give you the answer so I expected some money in exchange. But now I know you actually want help. How about you show us what you got do far.

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