I need some code in C Or C++
witch produces a Dialog box with an embedded active X control
witch Utilities The GUID & Control name & file name to find the ActiveX control

I need it to compile in borland C++ 5 & work with 9X & Nt ATL.dll

The ocx i want to use is called Toaster Hotel
Available here http://www.filedropper.com/rannum2

File Name:ToasterHotel.ocx

thelamb commented: Thank you for making me smile, worst thread I've seen in a while +0

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1: What do you mean?
2: Do you expect us to do it for you?

GUID: WEORINWEIONR-WERJNOWJENR-23409230489088wh-asdasdon
Control: Me
File Name: This thread is pointless

the reason i specified those is because i Did find some atl code
but it only used the one piece of info TOAST.NUMBERCTL
i need more specific code useing the GUID,File Name & control name
not asking you to do it for me but tell me how to do it or where i can learn how to do it

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