Hello all, I've been a part of this community for a while now but after making the mistake of permanently losing access to my email, I've had to change my username :P

Anyways, I'm looking to throw my hat back into the programming ring. I have the basic knowledge of programming. I've taken CSCI 1101 & 2 at college and learned about Java. However, I'm looking for a more simplified way to build basic programs.

Over the summer I had an internship with a start-up company called StarPound, and they have built this great software where you can visually build program processes without having to delve too deeply into the code.

My dad's business is a doctor's office and I was hoping to write some software for him where his patients could register and book appointments online.

So basically my question is: Are there any good programs that use a GUI for designing basic software? I don't care about the cost

I know this is a noob question but I'd appreciate any guidance.


If you really want to start building rich and simplified applications, go for .net. I have made the change (eventually) a few months back and am not sorry. VB6 is unfortunately dying a slow death with no more support from MS, although it is still VERY powerful.