hi guys, I am working on a project for my school, and I was wondering whether I can get some guidance and tips on how to tackle it.
Here’s the problem in brief:
I was asked to develop a program so that users can input the data values of 2 rectanglees and 4 points and using operator function to find out whether the 2 rectangles are the same (using the area of rectangles) and if not which of the two is bigger, also determine whether the point mentioned above are within the rectangle or outside and output the answer. The hints I am given are to use 2 classes: one for the points (using constructors - copy, explicit etc (?) - , member functions - operator functions(?)) - and one for the rectangle – containing coordinates (4), width and height, constructors and operators functions. The x and y (top left coordinates 0,0) are coordinates of the GUI windows.

Now, is it a good idea to start by drawing all this do you think?


Now, is it a good idea to start by drawing all this do you think?

Are you asking if you have to implement the GUI? I would say that you probably don't.

The operator you want to focus on is == so that you have a way of evaluating whether two rectangles are equal (hint, you have their width and height as variables within the object) and whether two points are equal (their x's are equal and their y's are equal).

See if you can get some of the basic framework set up. Use an example from your text or one online.

thanks jonsca, sorry for the late reply, but my circumstances have changed a bit, I withdrew from my software engineering course, so I guess I won't be troubled by the rectangle problem for awhile. I want to concentrate on classes and constructors now that I have more time :)