I'm having this problem regarding my Backup code.

I get an error saying "Permission Denied".

Here's my code:

Public Sub DBBackup()

Dim fsys As New FileSystemObject
Dim myfile As File

Dim isTrue As String
Dim isFalse As String

Set myfile = fsys.GetFile(App.Path & "\Database.mdb")

'Create Backup folder if not present
If fsys.FolderExists(App.Path & "\Backup") = False Then
    fsys.CreateFolder App.Path & "\Backup"
End If

isTrue = App.Path & "/Backup/" & Format$(Date, "yyyy-mm-dd")

'Replace file if existing
If fsys.FileExists(isTrue) = True Then
    fsys.DeleteFile isTrue
End If

'Start Backup Process
If myfile.Attributes = ReadOnly And myfile.ParentFolder.Attributes = ReadOnly Then
    myfile.Attributes = Normal And myfile.ParentFolder.Attributes = Normal
fsys.CopyFile (App.Path & "\Database.mdb"), App.Path & "\Backup", False

End If

MsgBox "Database Backup Process Complete", vbInformation, "Information"

Set fsys = Nothing

Form2.Enabled = True
Unload Me

End Sub

I don't know if it is the code or it has something to do with file/folder attributes specifically Read Only attrib.

My Database file "Database.mdb" has no set attribute's, but the folder where i want to create a backup file of my Database is set to Read Only and also the folder that contains my whole project (Includes Both of Backup folder and program).

I tried removing the Read Only attrib but it returns as soon as i look at its attrib again.

Note: i am log on as Admin on my PC

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You are trying to gain user rights to a folder that is read only. Open the folder using administrator rights.

Search google on how to gain admin rights in vb6 using filesys objects.:)


Already tried that sir. Even the one from Microsoft.

Didn't work.

Don't really know whats wrong here.


Fixed it.

Removed the () and add a \ on "\Backup" to be "\Backup\" on Line 32

Making me problematic for days just because of symbols, Aaarrghh.

Really don't know why this works but thanks anyway.

Going to start another topic after a minute :)


hehehe, we all went through that before, trust me.;)

it takes days just to find out that you made typo error.

Well done.

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