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I am battling with some small logical error and I need some help.. I want to enable access levels in my windows form application. I have a database with a column named 'UserType'. In this column I have data from 1 to 5. This represents the access level of a user. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest allowing all.

The access level is determined on a button, etc.. For example on my edit button only users with 3 and above have the rights.

private void editJobBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //Getting the sql connection and selecting columns in database
            SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=DEWALD-PC;Initial Catalog=JobbookDatabase;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Password=123");
            SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT UserType FROM UserAccounts", conn);

            //the temporary variables used
            int type = 0;
            Boolean proceed = false;

                //Opening connection and starting the data reader
                SqlDataReader myReader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

                //Using the datareader to get desired data
                while (myReader.Read())
                    type = (myReader.GetInt32(2));

                //closing all connections

                    //if password is right, login will continue
                    if (type == 3)
                        proceed = true;
                catch (Exception re)
                    MessageBox.Show("Enter password or select user" + re);
            catch (Exception er)
                MessageBox.Show("Error:" + er);

            //If login is proceding, determine what type of user
            if (proceed == true)
                if (type == 3)
                    //Reading the selected row in the current datagrid and then passing it on to the viewing form
                    String JobID = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[0].Value.ToString();
                    String Month = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[1].Value.ToString();
                    String Date = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[2].Value.ToString();
                    String Office = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[3].Value.ToString();
                    String JobCode = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[4].Value.ToString();
                    bool Pending = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[5].Value;
                    String AllocatedTo = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[6].Value.ToString();
                    String JobDescription = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[7].Value.ToString();
                    String InvoiceNumber = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[8].Value.ToString();
                    String Client = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[9].Value.ToString();
                    String ContactDetails = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[10].Value.ToString();
                    String Amount = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[11].Value.ToString();
                    //String Assistants = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[11].Value.ToString();
                    bool Surveyd = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[13].Value;
                    bool PlanCompleted = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[14].Value;
                    bool PlanGivenToClient = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[15].Value;
                    bool LetterOfApproval = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[16].Value;
                    bool Invoiced = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[17].Value;
                    bool Paid = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[18].Value;
                    String TypeOfJob = dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[19].Value.ToString();
                    bool FoundationStakeout = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[20].Value;
                    bool BrickWork = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[21].Value;
                    bool Application = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[22].Value;
                    bool Approval = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[23].Value;
                    bool Appeal = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[24].Value;
                    bool Endorsements = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[25].Value;
                    bool SGfeesPaid = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[26].Value;
                    bool SubmitToSG = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[27].Value;
                    bool PlansReceived = (bool)dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.SelectedRows[0].Index].Cells[28].Value;
                    EditJob ej = new EditJob(this, JobID, Month, Date, Office, JobCode, Pending, AllocatedTo, JobDescription, InvoiceNumber, Client, ContactDetails, Amount, Surveyd, PlanCompleted, PlanGivenToClient, LetterOfApproval, Invoiced, Paid, TypeOfJob, FoundationStakeout, BrickWork, Application, Approval, Appeal, Endorsements, SGfeesPaid, SubmitToSG, PlansReceived);

                    //frm1inForm2 is the instance of the class clsForm1 in Form2.cs declared as public 
                    ej.frm1inForm2 = this;

                    //Display the Form2 as a modal dialog box.
                    MessageBox.Show("Access Denied");

Can anyone help me with this??

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You should revise sql select statement. SELECT UserType FROM UserAccounts will fetch all five rows.


is there then by any chance how i can retrieve the usertype and display it in a hidden text box? this way I can mos put in a where clause, correct?

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