I am using the richtextbox selectionstart and selectionLength property for finding some text but its not working .
can anybody help me please ....

here is my code

Dim startPos As Integer
        Dim endPos As Integer
        RichTextBox8.Rtf = RichTextBox8.Rtf
        startPos = InStr(RichTextBox8.Rtf, "\objw") 
        endPos = InStr(RichTextBox8.Rtf, "\objh") 

        Dim startP As Integer = startPos
        Dim endp As Integer = endPos
        Dim totallen As Integer = endp - startP

        RichTextBox8.SelectionStart = startP
        RichTextBox8.SelectionLength = totallen


        TextBox11.Text = RichTextBox8.SelectedText
        RichTextBox9.Rtf = RichTextBox8.SelectedRtf

I am also use the richtextbox.Find () method but its not working.

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Problem solved by finding the richtextbox data using find method use rtf data into textbox as rtf then use find() method.

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