Hello, I am doing a assignment for my class.

My assignment is tying to tell how much book subscriptions sold.

Here is the code:

// This program find out how much each subscriptions cost
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

int main()
float A, A1, B, B1, C1, Total, Total1, Total2, Total3;

cout << "Enter the cost profit for A Level: ";
cin >> A;
cout << "Enter the high school % earn for A Level: ";
cin >> A1;
cout << "Enter the cost profit for B Level: ";
cin >> B;
cout << "Enter the high school % earn for B Level: ";
cin << B1;
cout >> "Enter the cost profit for C Level: ";
cin << C;
cout >> "Enter the high school % earn for C Level: ";
cin << C1;
Total = A + A1;
Total1 = B + B1;
Total2 = C + C1;
Total3 = Total + Total1 + Total2;

cout << "\nSubscriptions profit\n";
cout << "-------------\n";
cout << "Level A subscriptions profit: " << showpoint << Total << endl;
cout << "Level B subscriptions profit: " << Total1 << endl;
cout << "Level C subscriptions profit: " << Total2 << endl;
cout << "Total profit: " << Total3 << endl;
return 0;

When the person open the program, I want them to enter the number into "Total profit" and "Total % of school earn" questions. After I want the codes to add, so I could get an equal amount.

The program said that I have 6 errors.
I think I wrote it right, but the program disagree.

Can anyone here tell me what I did wrong?

Does anyone here understand what I'm tying do?

Thank you!