Please help me. I'm trying to download java and I keep getting a message that says "Error 1311 source file not found. C:\Documents and Settings\owner\local settings\content. IE5\kxabstqz\ja150000[1].cab". I have no clue what it means and when I called gateway they told me that the instructions to fix it would be on the website. Please help.

Hi everyone,

I think this has anything to do with Java but anyways i think there could be some file corruption internally within IE. Maybe you could try reinstalling IE5 or upgrade to IE6.

Ricgard West

1311 == InstallSheild code.

Look in windows updates to see if there is an update for installers.

I believe you are doing an online installation. Download an OFFLINE installation and everything should work out fine. Make sure it's an offline installation package.

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