Hello, I am still a student and this is an assignment, I'm not neccessarily looking for a solution but simpy an answer to guide me in troubleshooting this logical (I think) problem.

I designed a simple program to seperate text data into usable fields in accordance with my assignment.

I was given a simple .dat file with 50 or so records in the following format:

Professor Frink Huntley 085205552223

I designed and subsequently wrote (in QBASIC) a program. I have solved most of the syntactical errors and now I am solving the logical ones and I am stuck on Error #62 "Input past end of file"

It is located in my getInput SUB, second line after importing variables.

LINE INPUT #1, InputRecord

I have searched this site and other sites within Google range but have not found anything relevant to my problem.

I will furnish more code upon any request, I guess I didn't here because it's still a work in progress and I'm stuck on this error.

Thanks for any reply.

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If I can remember well, that error means you reached the end-of-file and are trying to get more data from it. Check EOF before to get data and adjust your logic accordingly.

Thank you for your response, I should have added a few things such as my little project program follows a standard form:

declare constants
declare variables
start program
CALL houseKeeping
CALL getInput

CALL mainLoop


I have several SUB's. Obviously I have a housekeeping SUB and a getInput SUB. The houseKeeping SUB points to the location of the data file (which is a simple non-delimeted txt file with two empty lines for the eof marker.) The getInput SUB is were I'm haveing the problem.

When I run the program, it freezes on the first line of the getInput SUB:

LINE INPUT #1, InputRecord

Should I simply post the entire program with the data base? would that be of use to anyone? I've tried all other resources available to me but I am stuck here at this problem.

Thanks again.

I can offer help but i dont understand the problem. And i will like you send the code for me to see. I look forward to hearing from you.

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