Hey guys.

First of all, I've only been a CSCI major for a semester (had one course in Java, loved it, and switched from my almost completed math major). With this in mind, I hope you can understand that I'm pretty new to the scene.

That said, during the semester I started a pretty intense program (around 1400 lines) that tests for car collisions. After the semester ended I taught myself the C++ I needed, over-viewed the general concepts, and decided to convert it to C++ with the intention of turning it into a graphics interface via SDL (as opposed to strictly math). I got all the stuff worked out, and my graphics program is accurate to within 1/1000th of a second. But now I've reached the problem of getting the information from my math sections to my SDL sections (I have to put the information in twice)...and wanting to further my SDL knowledge, wanted to implement SDL_console to make the graphics a standalone program.

The problem? I learned SDL by looking at other people's source codes and trying to figure them out. This is how I prefer to learn certain things...but I cannot find ANYTHING on the web that will allow me the same luxury with SDL_console. I've downloaded the reference manual and tried to piece it together, but have come up short. I've tried searching high and low for hours and have found absolutely no implementation of SDL_console anywhere for me to study...and it'd be hard to show my code because it's all intertwined with 450 lines of pure graphics/math.

So I'm basically wandering if anyone could help me out by either showing me an example of SDL_console being implemented (just the basics, I can expand a lot easier than I can create)...or direct me to an example I can study?

Thanks for your time,