Dear all,
Maysomeone help me with this functions?
I have entries in my classes and I need to initialize entries into other classes.
To be more specific:
I have Customers and Flights and I need to use this fuction to insert customers to random destinations.

Please post the code you have written so far, and explain what problems you having in getting it to work.

Actually is a programming assignment project . I must not publish the code but what i actually did is create the classes , Customers , Flights and Flight Operators.

I will actually place my code here

/*Classes declarations*/
/*Class Customers*/
class Customers {
    int customer_id;// custom assigned number of the customer to uniquely identify in the system
    int id; //national ID number of the customer in order to search if not allready in the system
    string name;
    string address;
    int postal_code;
    string email_addess;
    int phone_number;
    int membership; // Kind of membership ->Economy=1/Silver=2/Gold=3
    /* functions*/
    Customers(int CID, int ID, string N, string A, int p, int m)
    int addCustomers();
    int getCustomers();
    int searchCustomers();
    int updateCustomers();
/*end class Customers*/
/*Class FlightOperators*/
class FlightOperators {
        string name;
        string Address;
        FlightOperators(string N, string A)
        void addFlightOperators();
        void getFlightOperators();
        void searchFlightOperators();
//FlightOperators CyprusAirways, BritishAirways, OlympicAirlines;
void FlightOperators::addFlightOperators()

void FlightOperators::getFlightOperators()

void FlightOperators::searchFlightOperators()


/*end Class FlightOperators*/
/*Class Flights*/
class Flights{
    string flight_code;
    string departure;
    string destination;
    int seats; // avaliable seats based on the flight
    int departuredate; //the format will be ddmmyyyy
//  int departuretime; // the format will be 24 hours of the format if its 6:30  in the afternoon 1830
    int phone_number;
    Flights(string FC, string Dp,string Ds, int s,int dd)
    void setFlights();
    void getFlights();
    void searchFlights();
    void updateFlights();
void Flights::setFlights()
    cout<<"Set flights"<<endl;
void Flights::getFlights()
    cout<<"Get flights"<<endl;
void Flights::searchFlights()
    cout<<"Search flights"<<endl;
void Flights::updateFlights()
/*end Class Flights*/

I create another function to create instances of each class but i dont know how to use the rand and srand

/* Initialize data*/
int initializedata()
    //Customers(int CID, int ID, string N, string A, int p, int m) function prototype 
    Customers Lefteris(1,801423,"Lefteris Zacharia", "Saint Gregoriou 1", 99669805, 2);
    Customers Zacharias(2,801723,"Zacharias Zachariou", "Ithakis 3", 99617525, 1);
    Customers Eleni(3,901723,"Eleni Zachariou", "Ithakis 3", 99617525, 1);
    Customers Demetriana(4,1001723,"Demetriana Zachariou", "Ithakis 3", 99617525, 1);
    Customers George(5,111723,"Geroge Zachariou Aresti", "Saint Gregoriou 1", 99617525, 1);
    Customers Christina(6,901723,"Christina Zachariou", "Ithakis 8", 99617525, 1);
    Customers Antri(7,801223,"Antri Zachariou", "Ithakis 3", 99617525, 1);
    Customers Marios(8,901113,"Marios Charalambous", "Ithakis 8", 99617525, 1);
    //FlightOperators(string N, string A, int p) function prototype
    FlightOperators CY ("Cyprus Airways", "Engomi Nicosia");
    FlightOperators BA ("British Airways", "London England");
    FlightOperators OA ("Olympic Airlines", "Athens");
    //Flights(string FC, string Dp,string Ds, int s,int dd) function prototype CY326, CY327, BA625, BA628; OA325, OA326
    Flights CY326 ("CY326", "Larnaca" ,"London", 326, 27122010);
    Flights CY327 ("CY327", "London" ,"Larnaca", 315, 28122010);
    Flights BA625 ("BA625", "London" ,"Larnaca", 615, 27122010);
    Flights BA628 ("BA625", "Larnaca" ,"London", 615, 28122010);
    Flights OA325 ("OA325", "Athens" ,"Cairo", 310, 29122010);
    Flights OA326 ("OA326", "Cairo" ,"Athens", 315, 30122010);
    return 0;

/*End Initialize data*/

I have one more problem . How to dynamically initialize 150 customers lets say with 100 different flights.

Do I need to create more classes with destinations, date etc???


Please post the code you have written so far, and explain what problems you having in getting it to work.