I hope that you folks can help?

I have ten IP cameras strategically located around my property. I capture video from these cameras with no problems. The cameras have the ability to pan and tilt, if I send commands to them.

I can send something like the following to the cameras using ShellExecute:


That tells the camera to point to a present position called "paddock1"

But, I DO NOT want to open a window. Otherwise, I will end up with thousands of windows or tabs open.

I could live with having one window being used for this process, as long as it didn't pop to the top each time I send a command to/through it.

Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks so much, Wolfgan, for pointing me to the Tidy project. I'm fairly rusty at programming (after a 40-year career in IT), so it was a challenge getting things to work. The problem was exacerbated by so many different version of IdHTTP being available. But my camera project is running perfectly now.

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