I am new member.
I am not from any technical background but still like very much on how to develop application software and doing research regularly.

My question from expert like you is
Is there any powerfully software available that automatically create software without and coding knowledge. still conceptualizations and sketch is important part.

Like we have Macromedia Dreamweaver, through which we can see ontime our design and coding accordingly...
is there any software available to create any custom software on same theme.
May be one of the example could be "Real Studio"

Pls help & your expertise is requested.

- Harry

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What do you want to build? Because from what I understand you want a software that will create your project for you.
If you want to "develop application software and doing research regularly" then you should be learning the programming language on your own. Having a software that creates your software isn't learning.


What do you want to build? Where do you want to work?

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Thanks Mate! Unique way to report :)

I want offline CRM Program consist of contact management, report generation, call log and summary kind of program.

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