I am new member.
I am not from any technical background but still like very much on how to develop application software and doing research regularly.

My question form expert like you is
Is there any powerfully software available that automatically create software without and coding knowledge. still conceptualizations and sketch is important part.

Like we have Macromedia Dreamweaver, through which we can see ontime our design and coding accordingly...
is there any software available to create any custom software on same theme.
May be one of the example could be "Real Studio"

Pls help & your expertise is requested.

- Harry

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Hello adaptapost,

Thanks for your expertise

will u pls suggest any other software to create .exe program without and programming skill.
Microsoft VS LightSwhich restrict to data + screens application

Pls advice for more powerfully solution to create software even complex with simple layout knowledge.

- Harry

I really don't want to be rude now...but I really hope there is no such software.
Everyone who develop software should HAVE programming skill and layout knowledge.

It depends on what you want to do.

If is something simple, you can even create using softwares like AutoRun Media Studio from IndigoRose. Its mais purpose is create CD/DVD auto-runs, but its very powerful and can be easily dominated.

I suggest you to check it out.

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