Hello, I have just been added to a VB.Net Windows Application project. I have downloaded projects from Source Safe and I am runnning into problems viewing various forms across all th projects.

When I try to view various forms in VS2008 I get this error:

The designer could not be shown for this file because none of the classes within it can be designed. The designer inspected the following classes in the file: Main --- The base class 'XXXXX.Main' could not be loaded. Ensure the assembly has been referenced and that all projects have been built.

When I try to build the project, I get about 20 errors:

Name 'AppConfig' is not declared
Name 'ConfigManager' is not declared

Is there something simple I am missing?

I remember something about SS, haven't used it for a long time. Check first that you did Get/Check Out all the files. Then take a look at the project in SS. Browse (or search) project's files and check that config files are included to SS project. Finally, if you can't find those config files, ask your collegue or SS admin. SS admin at least should be able to tell you if config files are under version control. And if not, how to obtain them.

Happy New Year

I found the solution:
The AppConfig and ConfigManager are other projects that needed to be added to the project I am working on.

Once I added the projects, I had to add/modify the references to point to the added projects.

And Voilà! it works.
Thanks for the input. Hope some can benefit from my newbie trials!

Hi! AppConfig was one of the files I thought you were missing :)

Nice to hear that you got your problem resolved. Could you please mark the thread as solved. Thank you!

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