Hi there,

I need some solutions or hints to my problem.
Currently, I am taking over an application that was developed by previous programmer.
The application is a desktop based and installed in a network drive.

On my pc, which is in domain A, I could run the application flawlessly.
But, I couldn't do the same from another pc, which is in domain B.

I have tried many suggestions from people on internet, such as .Net framework permission, re-register assembly, and other setups, but nothing helps.

When I run the application from a pc in domain B, it keeps giving me an error
XXXXX.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
Application has generated an exception that could not be handled
Process id=0x654(1620), Thread id = 0x5b0 (1456)
Click OK to terminate the application
Click CANCEL to debug the application

Then I click on cancel button to see what happens and it gives me System.IO.FileNotFoundException.

I even copied the files to the local hard drive pc in domain A and still runs fine, but not the pc in domain B.

Any suggestions and advices would be really appreciate.

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Welcome ericware.

You need to ensure that both development and deploying machine must have same framework version.
Have a look at a thread at social msdn.



Thanks for the reply.
I had checked the framework version already.
PC in domain A and B have exactly the same framework version.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall all the framework version installed but still no luck.

Any suggestions and advices would be really appreciated.

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