HI Every body
I am working with VB.NET 2003 for smart device applications.
Here there is no Link label tool.
But i want to link a HTML file to my application.
your suggestions will be very helpful for me.
If you have any code samples just share it with me too.
Thanks and Regards

Hey, well I think I have a fix for your problem.
If you want to use HTML with a VB.NET application and do not have link label, you could insert HTML coding directly into your form by using a 'Web Browser'

When you have put in your web browser, in the URL propeties, insert this coding.

About: <html><head><title>ExampleTitle</title><body>Put your content here!</body></html>

That is one way, the other way is obviously just to upload a HTML file to the internet then put the URL into the URL propeties.

If you do it like that and still want to have the whole idea of the link label, but you dont have an actual link label, follow these instructions.

You should start off with Form1

Add a 'Button' to this form. It is up to you how you choose this button to look.

Click on 'Project' then 'Add windows form'

It should be named Form2 by default.

Go back to Form1 then double click on the button.

Add this code to the button:


Go back to Form2 and add a 'Web browser', then just use one of the methods I mentions at the top of this post.
I hope this helps, its really basic stuff.

Hi Thanks for your reply.
From where we have to add a web browser to the form.

Also do you have any idea on the following code if so explain it.
CreateProcess("iexplore.exe", "www.microsoft.com/mobile/pocketpc/default.asp", IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, 0, 0, _IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, New Byte(127) {}, pi)

if i give the above code form Pocket Pc i can open the web site in it, the iexplorer size is limited to the pocket pc.
But with the same if i try the following code
CreateProcess("iexplore.exe", "\My Documents\product types.html", IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, 0, 0, _IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, New Byte(127) {}, pi)
it shows error. unable to open it
Please help thanks