Create A New Project as a Windows Form Application.

Create any object, such as a text box, in that application.

Look at the Properties of this text box.

Its Font is set to a default. With a value that is incorrect.
How do I change this default to the correct value ( Arial ) please ?

Many Thanks.

where it says font: whatever [...] click on the button that says [...] and select what default font you want?...

Apologies if I did not make myself clear. Of course I can change the actual Font.

Gets tedious after a while and hence this thread.
The good news is that I MIGHT have at least narrowed down the question.
Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors.

The 'Show settings for:' box has a drop down menu but with LOTS of choices.

But it is not at all obvious which particular one applies to the case at issue here
and any pointers would be appreciated, thanks.

hm im not sure..

i know if you click on the form, and set its font settings, all the objects on the same form will use the parent font.

not sure if that helps tho