Hello! Every 1..
Can Any1 Please tell me How to make A Form in vb.net Transparent without Making Its Contents Transparent..!
Actually I mean I make a border less form which i want as Transparent and in that Form i added little animation picture .. and iwant this animation picture visible .. but what is happening here is wen iam setting the Form opacity to 10% both Picture n form are getting Transparent ..i only want form transparent and not the Picture Any idea how to do it!

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In the design view.
Click form1
Go to properties
Click "TransparencyKey"
There will be three tabs "custom", "web" and "system"
Click system and choose color "control"


Ya rite .. The Above Helped Me..But
but edges Are Not Smooth The picture Displayed Has wierd Clour edges Making it look tacky.. too tacky infact.

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