Hello everyone. I am getting a

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: gnu/regexp/REException'

when I run my code. Is there any way around this? I understand it has something to do with a class not being in the write path. I'm using BlueJ as my IDE and I'm trying to use the methods in someone's file that they made (it was from a 'lib' file of a zip that I downloaded, and in .jar format). Thanks in advance.

Can you post your code? Also are you sure that mentioned library was added to your project? (Each IDE has it's own way how to do this)

I think mny code would be much too long to post on here, but here is a bit:

theRobot.drag(but, toX, toY, InputEvent.BUTTON2_MASK);
theRobot.drop(but, toX, toY);

and yes, I'm sure. It compiles and runs up until i use a method from that library.

and yes, I'm sure. It compiles and runs up until i use a method from that library.

If it compiles and runs before you try to use methods from the library, chances are it can't find the library. So are you 100% sure you have the library in the correct place? I have never used BlueJ so I can't help you in that regard.

I used BlueJ to import the jar and it says the jar is loaded.

Do you have the GNU Regex Java library jars in your runtime class-path? It seems that the JAR which you got in turn depends on GNU regex library so having a JAR for the same in your classpath is a requirement.

Check if the classpath is appropriately set to the program folder ..

~sos~ I think you're correct, however I can't get the download link to work. I searched it on google but couldn't find it elsewhere.

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