Hi there...

may sum1 help me... i need to know how to open Access data base from VB6???


do you mean just open access and load the database?

or do you mean load the database into your vb application?

what do you want to do with it?

I'm assuming you mean one the database in your VB app and do something with it. Check this out: Visual Basic Database Guide. That should get you started in your database development.

First thank u for asking...

... i have an VB
Application which I just start doing it… so I just did the FORMS and sum commands, but I need to make my application to load the DATA from access (which I had never do it before) all I know is how to make application by VB6 … as a fact I don’t have any idea how to load or connect access with VB6.
so please if you can tell me the code to connect from access and if there's other codes to load from access!

I know it looks bad but I hope if I can do it!!
Thank you again

you drag on the data control from the toolbox and set its connect property to Access and its DatabaseName property to the path of your database - set its Record Source to the table in question.

this laods the database and gives yousome navigation buttons

to see the data draw on a flexgrid and set its DataSource to the name of the data control you just made

have included example project (zipped)

Hi there..

i need some help please...on VB6

I'm on a project on VB6 but theirs something not right in my coding…

Here is what am trying to do…on my app

I need to set a PW which can be upgraded (change PW)

So I makes 3 texts and a button in the form


I set (Dim x, y, g As String) values

{{The old PW "123"}}

……………………… how can I do it and the user can change his PW daily

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