Hey there
i have a bit of a problem.

You know when on the internet theres Ten million topics about the thing you struggle with but not oNE of them works? Well.. thats exactly whats happening now.

i have a datagridview i set up, and i can delete/edit it all in the datagridview called "tblAllEntries" But i have no idea what the code is to save it to the database. (i know some say its xxxx.update() or xxxx.acceptchanges() but i have no idea what it is im my programs contexts, and of the components i used to set up the datagridview.

ive uploaded a program i quickly threw together from my main one, so you can see where i struggle, so you dont have to fish through my whole project for the the part giving me problems.

Thank you very much.
I am Completely stranded. =)


Thank you soo much mcriscolo. It works Great.

I just made

DataTable dTable = new DataTable();
        OleDbDataAdapter dAdapter;

Global variables so it wont throw an error.

Thanks alot. you Really helped me