My source code is being altered by itself after executing once or when a copy of the source code file is made. If i try to execute the source code the 2nd time it wont work. There will be some error as there are some unwanted ASCII characters like rectangle,smiley...etc in b/w the source code... the contets of the file also changes when i copy the source file to some other location...unwanted characters are being added in b/w the code line.....plz help me:sad:
!!!! Is it due to some virus???

Don't call main() from your functions. return instead.

Just out of curiosity,
Why did you say this? @Waltp

Just out of curiosity,
Why did you say this? @Waltp

Because we are asked to guess at what the problem could be since no details were forthcoming. So I guessed.

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At first I was going to ask you if you have any berserking pointers or char* strings without end character, but it struck me that your ram and secondary storage are separated ;P

However, if you are doing some intense file manipulating (on an OS that doesn't intervene when trying to read/write past EOF), that may be where you will find the fault.

Actually, I've become quite curious of what causes this problem. If the problem turns out to be something related to your code (not virus etc) I would gladly like to know what caused this! Please post interesting parts of your code!

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