I wanted to use the a far pointer in my program the declaration was like this char far* ptr; but when I compile the program the compiler gives error message that far undeclared, can any one help me in this regard how to use near, far, and huge pointers in Dev C++, secondly If I want to assign a value to a pointer such as ptr = 0xb800 the compiler again gives error so is this possible to initialize a pointer as shown above in Dev C++ envoirnment.

The 'far' keywork only makes sense under DOS, and is useless with minGW.

if you are trying to port code from djgpp, you may neutralize it. For example, add '-Dfar' to the compiler commandline (Project/project options/ parameters).

The win32 api defines the far macro (and replaces it by nothing) in the file windef.h. If you want to use it in your code properly, you can #include the win32 api header, windows.h.

Forcing the value of a pointer is a bit dirty, Why are you trying to do this ?

#include <windows.h>"

/*C style*/
void * far myPtr=(void*)0xdeadbeef;

/*C++ style*/
void * far myPtr=reinterpret_cast<void*>(0xdeadbeef);

Forcing the value of a pointer is a bit dirty

md: In MS-Windows and *nix it will most probably crash the program because the operating systems do not allow programs to access memory addresses that way. Gone are the days of MS-DOS when a program could just write to random memory addresses.

Some 16-bit MS-DOS compilers (e.g. Turbo C) are still available for free.