I am new to Java Swing. I am trying to develop a GUI for my tool, which consist of a JTextPane which is enclosed in a JScrollPane and to meet my requirement I am using a JTabbedPane for holding this textpanes. In the right side of the GUI I have a JInternalFrame. The problem I am facing is, this GUI is depended of screen resolution. I am using Netbeans IDE for GUI development. As default it uses grouplayout for placing the components.

Dimension screenDim = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize();

and in constructor,

setBounds(0, 0, screenDim.width, screenDim.height);

Now the internal frame's vertical size is larger than the screen. Due to that the whole GUI is not seeing.

Can anybody help me in this issue?.....

Thanks in advance.....

If your GUI exceeds the Display support you can do following.
1.Put inside ScrollPane > which you can scroll even if the screen is smaller.
2.Design the GUI for lower resolution and resize the frame when screen size is bigger.