Hello friends.Can anyone help me in this.Here is the code.


The problem is hello is displayed without circle.

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Hi, could you extend your question a little further, eg by telling us what library you use for drawing the circle, if any? What namespace is it in? what header file did you include for it? How are you supposed to draw a circle to a console output? Yes, so many questions comin' right for you, while YOU were the one asking stuff!
greetings, K

Hi friend,the header files i included are iostream.h,conio.h and graphics.h.

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If you mean this graphics.h the answer is simple: there's no way of drawing any graphic image to an NT command line. First, create a windows window, forget about iostream because it's for in/output to a console. then try to draw your circle to the window you've just created.
greets, K

EDIT: i forgot, what is the reason you're using conio.h? are you developing for 16 bit windows?

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Are you by chance using the old Borland IDE and compiler? Because that's pretty obsolete and the only IDE I know that uses the <graphics.h> library for simple graphics. If this is a formal class, then tell your instructor to get with the program and use a more modern compiler and graphics libraries, like Microsoft Visual C++ and the DirectX graphics libraries instead of the deprecated <graphics.h> library since no one, except maybe companies who have incredibly old legacy software, uses Borland anymore.

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