These days, as we all know, graphics is probably the most important thing.
I made a program using C# and the only graphics im using is that of WFA, but i want to apply EXTREME graphics to it, like that of windows media center, or something like that.

What would you recommend?

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>I made a program using C# and the only graphics im using is that of WFA, but i want to apply EXTREME graphics
Show your code.
What is WFA?
What is EXTREME graphics?
I know a bit what WPF is as adatapost proposed to you.

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I guess... WorkFlow Automation.

@: adatapost
Does WPF really do that much???
because i dont know how to use it, could you recommend a good book for that!

@: ddanbe
WFA - Windows Form Application. Its an extremely simple way to produce an GUI.
By EXTREME graphics i mean that of windows media center, or that of cooliris,...,smething like that.
And the code of which i want to apply the graphics to hasnt been written on the comp yet, ... , its been written mentally.
althought i do have other code which i can test the graphics with.

i downloaded MyGUI, but i think thats only for C++, and while im still studying it, i dont have a great idea about what to include(i.e #include ???), all i know is <string> and <iostream>. i havent found a book that tells me how to use other librarys yet.

i need graphics!

p.s does Ogre work with C#??


I think Windows Presentation Foundation as adatapost suggested is the way for you to go. Look on Amazon and search for WPF you will find numerous books on the subject.



When creating graphics in a Windows Forms App by default you use GDI+. It's not normally called WFA hence ddanbe's confusion.

You can look at using either WPF or DirectX depending on the requirements you have. googleing either will give alot of tutorials and furthur information.


ah...KOL...THANKS MAN!....yea, i will!!!
appreciate the post


Please mark this thread as solved if you have found an answer to your question and good luck!


lol....k....although it isnt the answer im looking for....it'll get me where i want to go.....

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