let someone help me here:

int k;
k = Convert.ToInt32(System.out.println)


No idea what you want. In any case, there is only one int type in Java, 4 bytes signed. If you want more, use long or BigInteger, if you want less use short.

Me too, I'm baffled. Do you really want to convert a method name (System.out.println) to an int???
You need to explain exactly what it is you are trying to do!

pleas i am new to java. i wanted to write a console application that will request for two integers, then do sum,product and subtraction. then give me output. i was trying to convert the number i have input. i hope you could grab what i mean

See the API docs for the Integer class.

You can use the Scanner class to read and parse input from the console. Look at the API documentation for Scanner - the very first example will help you.