i have some problem here.
i dont know how to explain in words of wat i wan.
i have attach the file in

i dont know how to create new checkBox in picture Box by using coding? :rolleyes:

when ever i click. the button wont go over to the new pictureBox.

please help me..
need it asap

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You will need to give a basic explanation of what the program is meant to do. Plain simple language will do fine.

Mm.. i wan to do something like a few page in a single form.

i using pictureBox to contain checkBox. when the 1st pictureBox is full wif 3 checkBox, it will auto create a new pictureBox and put the next checkBox into it. and so on.

now i dont know how to create a new checkBox in the new pictureBox.

Forget that last post - that code didn't work for me, instead download and run the attached zip file. The project uses textboxes, but you can just substitute whichever control you want.
You’ll just have to write code to position the controls where you want them.

hi w00dy,
sorry to trouble u again

i hav some problem here again
and i hav attach the file wif it

the check1.count > z, how can i keep changing the z?
cos i need everything to be some kind of auto

and the position of check1(x) in the new pictureBox can be change?

and lastly why it wont check for the count again.. Mm i think is about the z thing right?

sorry maybe i explain not clear..
hope u see the program will understand wat i mean
hope u can help me out.
thanks alot..

sorry this is my lastest codes

ignore the last post..

now the last problem is i cannot position the checkBox correctly.

can help me check wats wrong wif it..?

Do you need the first checkbox already in the first picturebox, or should it appear the first time you click Command1?


Mm ya.. cos i need to call out the pic from database.. so it need to be there..
now is my position of the checkBox is wrong.. and i also need a back button to go back to the prev pictureBox. cos.. remember i did told u about, i need something like a page.. can go back and forward.. i still doing, but also got error..

Here's the latest effort.
Hope it gets you a bit farther.

hi w00dy, if i change my pictureBox to SSTab would it be better?
then i no need to do the cmdback button..
wat u think?

I dont know if this would help you, but...
Here is an example code for creating any object y execution time

'first create a new object
dim chkbox as CheckBox
Set chkbox = Controls.Add("VB.CheckBox", "chhboxname", "the container")
'the container could be a picturebox, frame....
'now you can set all the properties
chkbox.top = ....
chkbox.left = ....
'and make it visible
chkbox.visible = true

that code can be used with any object (at least all i tried works for me, i used to create an array of pictureboxes, (with redim preserve))

Mauricio Stange H.

are you after a new picture for a checkbox instead of the traditional tick?

are you after a new picture for a checkbox instead of the traditional tick?

yes, i`m replacing the checkbox wif a picture.

until now w00dy have help me alot on this.
really hav to thanks alot to him.

for now the pictureBox is working fine, but i got a problem..
i need a back and prev button..

now i`m trying to change from pictureBox to SStab, therefore i not need to use the back and prev button.

Mm.. how to do
"Set Check1(x).Container = SSTab1.Tab" in tab 2
"Set Check1(x).Container = SSTab1.Tab = y" y is my number of tab

what is an sstab?

what is an sstab?

SSTab = microsoft tabbed dialog control 6.0

i upload a sample picture of it.

really hope tat u guys can help me out..

thanks alot.

but now i got error with the back and prev button with the file "CControls.
it cannot go all the way back ..

Well, the version I sent you didn't have those buttons...
You'll have to post an example of your code

hi w00dy,
monday i will send in the codes

SSTab = microsoft tabbed dialog control 6.0

ok, i see, now that i know that its the microsoft tabbed dialog control 6.0

this is the lastest wif cmd button.
but dont work, say wat "out stack" & "no array"

hi guys,
thank alot for ur help.
i have solve my problem.

really thank u guys alot
expecially w00dy

best regards

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