This is the second piece of code I have ever written don't seem to understand what I'm doing wrong. It seems to be going over my head as I have no prior knowledge of any programming language and have literally just begun. I have tried searching the issue to resolve it myself but have had no luck, other seem to look like mine (or not?). Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Here's what I have:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
    char Name;

    cout << "Please input your name: ";
    cin >> Name;

    if ( Name == "Kyle A" ) 
        cout << "Pass \n";

    else if ( Name == "Mike C" ) 
        cout << "Fail \n";

        cout << "Wrong name!! \n";

    return 0;

You need to make three changes for the code to work as intended:

  1. Add #include <string> to your headers
  2. Change char Name; to string Name;
  3. Change cin >> Name ; to getline(cin, Name);

There are two problems: first, char is only a single character type, not a string type. At most you'd be able to store the first letter of any input. Second, the >> operator stops reading when it encounters whitespace, so even if you use a string type for Name and type "Kyle A", the variable will only contain "Kyle" and fail your test. The getline function reads a full line of input.

Thank you very much, seems stupid but just getting used to it.


No worries, we were all there at one point. Just keep plugging away and it'll become second nature. :)