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How can I scroll the report in runtime by mousewheel. I am using VB6 (SP6) and for reports I am using VB report control.

Which Report Control?

The Data Report Control?

Be specific and use the exact terms given in the VB6 environment.

To scroll a report control in the vb6 environment, you should check to see if the control supports mouse events: e.g. mouse down, mouse move, etc.

That's the easiest way to use the mouse in vb6. However, the data report control does not include mouse movement events. So you'll have to either modify the control by designing your own custom control or monitor the mouse events using the Platform SDK APIs that deal with mouse messages.


I thought we have covered this already in your previous thread about using mouse scroll. Google "Using mouse scroll in vb6". There are plenty of solutions that you can use, referring back to your previous thread as well.:)


My previous problem of DataList scroll is still unsolved. I have just posted the sample module code on that thread as per your request. Thanks for helping


Cool. Please mark this as solved, it is creating duplications. We will try and solve your other post.

For other readers, the thread can be found HERE.

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