I am a total Visual Basic (VB) novice & am thinking about learning VB; but, before I do expend the time, there’s three question that I need answered first: Can anyone tell me if a VB program can control mouse clicks & program options in a PhotoImpact (a non-Microsoft photo editor) program running on my home non-network desk top computer? And if not, is there any Microsoft photo editor, or any other photo editor, which will allow VB to control mouse clicks & options? If there is, any tutorial reference would also be appreciated; or if not, is VB even the code I should be considering for adding automation to a photo editor program?

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PhotoImpact not PhotoImpace

Yes vb6 can interact with almost any application, either directly or by using OLE.

It obviously all depends on what you want vb6 to do. If you are very new to vb6, I suggest that you start with the basics first before getting involved in more advanced commands as manipulating other applications using vb6.:)

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