Good day everyone! I have a problem with the filtering part of my application. I am already using this code;

Tablebindingsource.filter = "Prereq Like '" & textbox.text & "%'"

it searches for values from Table whose Prereq value = textbox.text. My concern is, how about if there are several items in the Prereq field and they are separated by commas
(Ex. IT111,IT112,IT113). All of these items must be checked. I need a filtering method that searches my Table based on the different values from the Prereq field.

Anyone, please...

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do something like this:

Dim content() As String
        Dim s As String = "IT111,IT112,IT113"

        content = s.Split(",")

here u can make a loop in which ur PREREQ field is stored in s (string) and then u can split and check each content like :- content(0), content(1) ,...etc

after above code contents of the array content:

content(0) :"IT111"
content(1) :"IT112"
content(2) :"IT113"


Thank you sandeepparekh9, with an additional research about the .split method, I think my problem has been solved. How do I rate you here with a star?


Oh I see. Do you have a facebook account? I'd like to have friends from other countries. What do you think?

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