how to transfer data from datagrid to textbox using vb6.0????

You can use the following -

Text1.Text = Datagrid1.TextMatrix(Datagrid1.Row, 1) 'The 1 at the end refers to the coloumn value in the grid, in this case coloumn 1...

how about when you click for example the lastname then it will transfer the whole data on the datagrid to the textboxes

Use the same code, just change the coloumn values -

Text1.Text = Datagrid1.TextMatrix(Datagrid1.Row, 1)
Text2.Text = Datagrid1.TextMatrix(Datagrid1.Row, 2)
Text3.Text = Datagrid1.TextMatrix(Datagrid1.Row, 3)
'and so on...

If you want it all in one text box, the following -

Text1.Text = Datagrid1.TextMatrix(Datagrid1.Row, 1)
Text1.Text = Text1.Text & VBCRLF & Text1.Text = Datagrid1.TextMatrix(Datagrid1.Row, 2) 'and so on ...

I Want help Of vb6.
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