I am trying to modify and recompile a dll file. I disassembled it so I have the C# code. I also have the .resources file that is a Pack URI. I want my version to have it's own resources file, but I need parts from the original. How can I disassemble/decompile/parse/whatever-the-correct-term-is the .resources file to get the component files?

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Did you opened it whith the Visual Studio Resources Editor?

Even you can open it with the Notepad or XMLNotepad.

Hope this helps


A resource file can have different files and types inside it. This particular one has XAML files and PNG files in it. I can save them individually using a program called .NET Reflector, but since there are dozens, I would like to do it a little faster than one at a time.


tried it, but it doesn't actually find the resources. there are a ton of pictures that are stored in the resource file, but nothing except the version page is found. thanks anyway.

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