I am trying to modify and recompile a dll file. I disassembled it so I have the C# code. I also have the .resources file that is a Pack URI. I want my version to have it's own resources file, but I need parts from the original. How can I disassemble/decompile/parse/whatever-the-correct-term-is the .resources file to get the component files?

Did you opened it whith the Visual Studio Resources Editor?

Even you can open it with the Notepad or XMLNotepad.

Hope this helps

A resource file can have different files and types inside it. This particular one has XAML files and PNG files in it. I can save them individually using a program called .NET Reflector, but since there are dozens, I would like to do it a little faster than one at a time.

tried it, but it doesn't actually find the resources. there are a ton of pictures that are stored in the resource file, but nothing except the version page is found. thanks anyway.