i had built a simple project in vb6 and ACCESS for simply update the database and fatching the required data from existing data base. previously it was working , but when i formatted my pc and again run the project it was showing so many error massage at the time of loading that is
1. line 245: class mscomctl2.dtpicker of control dtpicker1 was not loaded control class.
2. line 1013 :class msdbgrid.dbfrid of control mdtkexgrid3 was not loaded control class.

etc many more of same type .
anybody will help me .

are the files/controls that you are trying to import?
more info needed

thank u for showing interest in my problem
i am not trying to import any file / control it is only just using the vb's files and controls

so its not one of those icons you can draw eg a timer or another controll that isnt normally displayed its just an in built function and not a controll or component?

sorry if im repeating myself im just trying to understand, it may help if you can give me the modual and form files for the project so i can have a look and see the problem.

yes i have used a timer here but how timers are creating problem ?
ok ,give me ur mail id so that i will send u directly my project with source code.

thank u

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