Well I have looked around the forums. But I cant find the answer to my question. It has been asked many a time. Im a complete novice to the world of programming (I am, lololol) I am trying to decide which path to go down, c, c++, vb, etc. Please someone tell which would be the best language for someone in my position to start with. What would be the best platform to start on and progress from. I was thinking along the lines of c or c++?
Any feedback would be great.

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Hmm well, I'm not sure where you would start. But I started off with VB 6.0, but I dunno... other people here would be more knowledgable on this topic than I would

i hate making decisions for people but in my opinion do c++... its good... so just do it...

Yup, C++ is the best to start out of the langs you mentioned. try www.google.com and search for tutorials.

If you have no experiance what so ever QBASIC is also somewhere to start.

For C++ you will need a complier and the best free easy one for a new user would be DevC++


Yup, C++ would be the best to start.........

Yeah that was my thought. That or C.


C++ or Pascal. I loved Pascal.

VB will limit you to a Microsoft platform.

Normal C is a dangerous language with pointers, and the specifications on print formatting, such as


instead of C++

cout << year,day,month;


Programming languages are all fundamentally equivalent; try a few and pick the one that makes the most sense to you. As far as which one that might be, here's my $0.02:

BASIC was designed to be a beginner's language (that's what the B is for). VB has outgrown that purpose somewhat, but is still a decent spot to start. It's especially useful if you're interested in customizing the behavior of MS Office products.

Pascal is another teaching language. Outside of learning how to write software (which it is good for), it doesn't appear to have much use any more. On a personal note, Pascal drives me nuts.

C might work as a starting point. It's a "dangerous language" if you use features (like pointers) that you don't quite understand, but I wouldn't avoid it for that reason. If you starh here, you might as well go for C++; it's a superset of C. Start with C, get comfortable with it, and then start adding features from C++ without changing compilers.

Python! I like Python. You can use it straight from an interpreter and get instant feedback while you're learning. It also exposes just about everything in the program environment if you want to see what's really going on under the hood.

If u are SERIOUS about programming...

STEP 1. The very first thing u need to do is to develop the concept of algorithmic problem solving method. U need to have crystal clear concept of loops and structures in programming. It's not about which language to start with. It's always about knowing what programming actually is all about.

STEP 2. Take up a High Level programming language like C++, Java, BASIC or PASCAL. If u r smart it really doesnt matter which one u choose as the starter. I would recommend BASIC or PASCAL because they will relief u of frustrations that u may have to face while learning C++ and Java right away. Use BASIC or PASCAL to implement ur knowledge of algorithms writing short and simple codes. But that's about it. U dont have to grasp everything in BASIC or PASCAL.

STEP 3. Now with all ur basics in programming u enter the real world. NOW is time u should ask "which language to start with?"

Here we are talking about "procedural languages"...

1. PASCAL: PASCAL was made to be a language for teaching programming. It is a "small" language and is not considered as an "Indusrial- Strength" for solving problems in the real world.

2. FORTRAN: It mainly focuses on mathematics and engineering; sort of like "number-crunching" problems. yet it can be useful for many more.

3.C --The CORE of programming languages. It is cryptic, it is not a High Level programming language, and it uses that damn pointer thing. To make matter even worse it does not even support object oriented programming. Yet it is the language i would recommmend u to start with. It will be hard to master the techniques, syntax and concepts of C but once u have grasped them all u r ready to learn C++ and Java like NO OTHER. C++ and Java are undisputedly the de facto leaders of programming languages in the real world. When u are learning C u are ALMOST like learning three languages at the same time.

commented: Great algorithm for beginner programmers! Good job Asif_NSU! +26

Great algorithm for beginner programmers! Good job Asif_NSU!

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