I am kind of new to wpf and I searched all over google and couldnt find specific answer to this, but if i have missed it sorry :).

Anyway I want to extend the textbox control in wpf and use it in winforms. so basically i did inherit from TextBox in wpf, and created 2 properties. Now when trying to put that in windows I had to create a usercontrol, but this is where the problem starts.

As winforms uses elementhost i cannot see those properties. Is there any other way to do this.

To summarize it all I want is to create my own extended control in wpf and use it in window form


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thanks but how do i access those properties ...


I don't think you got what I meant.. I have vs2010... If I write my own property for extended textbox control, how can I see this in designer when wpf control is inside the element host.

hope it is clear

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