Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, it is about a .cpp file but it isn't about C++, it's about the text file.

I was doing my graphics programming assignment with directx and it was somewhere around 80% done and suddenly I made a wrong turn with a pointer somewhere, somehow and then suddenly "blue screen of death" popped up and..... now I cant open one of my main .cpp files which has more than 2100 lines of code in it

I was using MS VS2010 ultimate on win 7 pro x64. When I try to open the corrupted file with VS2010, it is automatically openned by note pad and nothing is there except 75 KB of whitespace.

My latest back up is from yesterday morning (almost 30 hours ago). So I'm doomed! This assingment has 50 marks so if I cant fix this file I will fail the subject

Can anyone help me with this please?

I'd probably explain the situation to your professor and try and secure an extra 24 hours on the deadline to manually rewrite the lost file. That could be a more efficient use of time than trying to recover the encrypted file.

Also, for critical projects, make more regular backups!

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