Hi all,

Just thought I'd quickly see if anyone had come across this before, or could point me in the right direction.

I have several DataGridViews on various forms of an application I'm working on. I want to allow the users to update the DGVs and then click an update button to write their changes to the database. This is all fine... except that when they add a new row to a DGV and tab to the next row, the row they've just created disappears. Very annoying if the user want to add more than one line. This happens for all the DGVs in my application.

I've tried replicating it in another application, but it work properly there. I've double checked all the settings against the working app, and they are all the same. What am I doing wrong???!!!???


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Any ideas anyone? I've just upgraded the application to VS2010 and it's copied the error/strange behaviour over too.


hi mcriscolo,

thanks for this. i think it may well be the same issue, it's just strange that it's happened on all datagridviews in my application. i actually found that deleting the dgv and replacing it is quicker than trying to find out exactly what the error was in the end!

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