Java is very interesting language and important language To learn JAVA is also a very good site

To learn JAVA is also a very good site

No its not. That thing is such a collection of out of date examples and hacks and bad programming practices (it actively advocates scriptlets in JSP which has been discouraged by Sun, and all but deprecated, for 10 years or more now, as just one small example) that its just not even funny.

@lisaroy1 your post been moved out of Starting "Java" [Java tutorials / resources / faq] thread as it already sparkled discussion to which I wish to also add to let people see why serious developers consider that site rubbish.

As masijade already said they using out of date examples and still try to teach people outdated ways. Many of samples are just very badly written hacks to get functionality implemented "without grain of salt" for best practises. The site is badly organized, and what is the greatest insult to all most of the code is stolen form various books or websites and published without any credentials to author/s (I made point of commenting on few articles there, pointing out original resources to get my posts actually promptly deleted and user account closed. So much for democracy, fairness and sharing knowledge)