Hay everyone I want to learn(I need to learn java) java very fast.
I have some knowledge of java but not the fundamentals like in html css php or sql and mysql.
I know that the structure of a program in java starts with the imports than if you have one class, you have a class main in witch you have all the functions and methods.
I understand the concepts of java but I need someone to help me by giving me different assignments to understand java.
I will appreciate any help.
Thank you Daniweb for the opportunity to be a part of this community

you have a class main in witch you have all the functions and methods.

this statement is not really correct. you can call your class Main, but you don't have to.
you could also call your class Dog and add methods like goFetch and playDead.

all your methods do not have to be within the same class file.

what you do have in each (desktop) application, is a class containing a main method. this method is the 'entry point' from where your application starts, but this method can contain a single line of code, in an OO structure, you don't want to put everything in one class, let alone in one method.

you could take a look at the sticky thread on top of this forum, it contains a lot of information about how to start learning java, with links to tutorials, where to find the basic information and what books you may want to use.

but if you want a "learn Java completely in seven days" course, you may be surprised about how much there is to learn.

You should start by looking at some tutorials, the best I found so far are the ones provided by java2s.

Thank you for all the advice's but I consider that form tutorials you will not learn very much only that tutorial and if you wan't to create a program by yourself you will discover that you don't know how to do it.
That's why I wished that somebody could assist me and correct my mistakes in this journey for Learning JAVA.
I think that assignments or homework can help me achieve this level quicker and easier.

Thank you zeroliken for this book looks good I will read it and come back with my feedback,in case that anybody will read this thread and be in the same situation as I am.

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