There is a working code about a program in which you should create differen Cat objects with name and color parameter and apply method to the objects.
The problem is that I get the method working for only the last cat

public class Cats {
		public static String name;
		public static String color;
	public Cats(String firstname, String bodycolor)
		name = firstname;
		color = bodycolor;
	public void SayMiau(){
		System.out.printf("Cat %s which is %s in color said miauuuu!%n", name , color);

	public static void main(String [] args) {

	Cats Number[] = new Cats[6];
		Number[0] = new Cats("Juja","orange");
		Number[1] = new Cats("Kisa","mixed");
		Number[2] = new Cats("Sasi","mixed");
		Number[3] = new Cats("Mitio","black");
		Number[4] = new Cats("Ricar","yellow");

		for(int i = 0; i<5; i++)

Number.SayMiau() gives info only about Number[4].

Well, you've declared name and color to be static. What does static mean?

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