Hi there
i'm Faiz

firstly i know nothing in this area. i hope u all can help me

i want to create an atomated excel files
this software exceLINX ( my research software) build in excel files.then this exceLINX software is the main software to trigger my data acquisition equipment. thus

i need a coding in VB/macro to trigger the excel in the exceLINX software to start my measurement for the experiment.

can anyone help me on how to build it.please.

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Use a macro with the 'AutoRun' name

Hope this helps

is there any coding needed?

I've never heard of the exceLINX software, but when you enter the VB Editor in Excel, double-click on WORKSHEET in the explorer bar. Then, at the top of the viewer are two dropdowns. These dropdowns contain functions that already exist. Some of them you can set be activated during certain events, like BeforeSave, or AfterChanges. Of course, after you find the event that is desired, you would have to code everything yourself.

Maybe this will put you in the right direction. Good luck!

On Excel, Developer, Macros, New Macro, name it Autorun and put wich action you want to do. Save the macro and the book as xlsm. You will need to set the Excel Options to trust macros

When you open the book, this macro will execute.
To open the book without executing the macro, press the shift key while clicking on it.

Hope this helps

hi there.
it seems like to records the macro.
i learn from the book..
but actually something still plays in my mind.
the excelinx i talk above is actually an add-ins to the excel..
so can i use the macrorecording to the add ins of the excel?
then can i get the coding of the steps that i done in the excelinx?
do help!

I don't used this softwares, but, IMO, you should be able to record every action.

Hope this helps.

i tried ur solution
but it seem that i can record the macro
but i cant get the VB coding
plus if i get,then i want to run it back,i can run it

i want to hired somebody to help me solve this.please.ASAP

Sorry. Do you mean that once the macro is recorded, she can't be played again?

Plase, can you be so kind to inform us which version of Excel are you using?

when its recorded.it can be played again.

my friend said its lacking at defining the variable..
is it the add ins cannot be recorded?
i'm using excel 2007.

Depends on the add-in, but, normally, an add-in uses the internal variables of excel to do many things as extensions to the normal behaviour of commands, so basically they work in background and in transparent mode.

This way, you can reproduce the behaviour in a recorded macro, but you can not 'see' what is doing.

IE. Assume you have an addin that, when you type a word, always capitalizes the second letter(is only an example). Because it will react to the 'textchanged' event, it will modify the word, but this action will not be recorded as a command, because it isn't.

If you need to automate some thing using the add-in, this add-in should be managed as a COM object. Then using

Set MyObj = CreateObject("MyAddin")

you should be able to manage it. Not all the add-ins can be used as COM objects.

This way, you must know the interfaces exposed as they are not shown in MyObj.
IE. IF MyObj has a method called DoIt, the 'intellisense' or help will never show it, but you can call it like


The ! is used to define an action not validable at compile time but to try in run time (defered linking)

So, the conclusion is that normally the add-in actions are not recorded separately because they work automatically when launch standard commands or actions.

Hope this helps.

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