hey frnds ...
my query is regarding the .bak files which are genrated when we compile our code.

For some files i hv seen the .bak files but for others they dont exist .

I just want to know the start n the end of these .bak files .

Whats their use ?? when r they generated?? etc etc ..

Kindly help .

They are backup files, generated when you edit your source file. Every time you save a file, the original file before the edit were made is renamed .BAK so if you made a mistake you can 'undo' your errors and start again.

thanx buddy :)
can u also tell how these files are used to undo our changes .

Just rename the *.bak files to *.c (or whatever the original file name is). *.bak files are identical duplicates of the original. You will most likely have to exit your compiler's IDE before doing this.