i have searched everywhere and i cannot find a simple c example for creating a simple click button, where if the user clicks on it, the program prints something to the screen, or something. any help would be very appreciated.

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You have to write a GUI program. For MS-Windows here is a tutorial

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ok, the link brought me to some helpful code, but the compiler (Visual C++) is saying the 2nd argument in MessageBox isnt the correct type. once again, I run into LPCWSTR.

#include <windows.h>

WinMain(HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE hPrev, LPSTR pszCmdLine, int iCmdShow)
	MessageBox(NULL, "Text", "Title", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
	return 0;

Try this

MessageBox(NULL, L"Text", "Title", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

Or don't compile your code for UNICODE. Go to project --> Settings --> General and turn UNICODE off.

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