I am creating a Setup and Deployment project using Visual Studio 2008, professional edition.
And I was able to build successfully the desired .msi and setup.exe files.

But I want to create a Setup project which searches registry entries for the pre-installed software (VISA) and install our setup project into the same location.

It is like Look for registry entries and gets the location of VISA software installed and to the same location updates our Target installation location dynamically while installing the setup project.
As I am aware of the project setting configuration, we can achieve this through Launch Conditions option available at “requirement on target machine”.
But searching registry and after successful search update our target install location to the same as found in registry. If it did not found desired software, thru an Error message.

Please let me know the required configuration for achieving this.

When VISA is installed it most likely will add a registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software. Use regedit.exe on a computer that has it installed to verify the registry key. Then visually searth the entries in that key to find out if it has the install location. If not, then you are probably lout of luck. If found, then your program can easily read that registry key and do its one thing accordingly.

You are right. We can find using the way you have suggested.

What I want to find is the way to configuring the properties in Visual Studio for searching registry for the pre-installed software path and update our target installation path to the one found on registry.
Need configuration steps in the setup project properties.

You must be talking about some sort of installation program, such as InstalShield because AFAIK Visual Studio has no such properties.

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