Hi All,

I want to register the .dll files in my setup project.

I am creating the Setup project for installing it on 64 bit Windows 7 machine,
And I have successfully installed on 64 bit Machine.

The issue is, while running the application installed on the 64 bit machine,
It did not find the required .dll files to run.

I want to know how we can share the .dll files with the installed application.
The Necessary configuration we need to do in the setup project for the application to find its .dll?

Any sort of registration of .dll required in the Setup project?

Kindly guide me to proceed with proper Configuration.

I am using Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition.

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DLLs are not registered. DLLs have to be installed in one of the directories that are in your PATH environment variable. Instead of cluttering up someone else's directories with your DLLs you need to create your own directory then add its full path to the PATH environment variable.

I think this article explains it

Thanks for the response,

Here we need to configure the .dll in the Setup project, so that the Application will find it from the shared location after Installing into any new machine.
This is one of our requirements.
User cannot edit the Environment variables every time he installs into the new Machine. Could you please suggest me the Alternative configuration to achieve the same?
I think doing some configuration in the Setup project file will worth fulfills our requirement.
Kindly Suggest.

User does not edit environment variables, your setup program should do that.

Hi ,

I am creating the installer package for the first time. I don’t have vast knowledge on configuring the Project files for registering the .dll, which after installation on to the new host; the Application should find .dll for running seamlessly.
Could you please brief the configuration steps required in the Visual Studio Setup Project? That will helps us a lot.
Best Regards,

Hi Mike,
I have followed the steps given in the link
It worked well.
But there is one Concern in it; the installer is finding the correct path of the required software which is available in 32 bit path.
C:\Program Files(86)\IVI Foundation\VISA\WinNT;
All I need is to find the 64 bit Registry path, that is supposed to be C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\VISA\Win64;
What’s happening is; when I entered the 64 bit key. The installer, while installing it is looking for registry and returns an Error saying "Not able to Access network location" “\”

Why is the Installer finding it in the Network location? Any Configuration missed in the project properties. Kindly let me know.

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