Just curious how you got started.
For me it was science class that used Python as the main tool.

great idea

I decided to grab Head First Programming to get back into the field, before going back to school for development, having been out of programming for many years. It used Python for its examples, and as I did more research I saw it compared favourably to PHP, which I already had enjoyed working with.

A co-worker told me to check out the weird language with no braces or semi-colons and where indentation has syntax. Wow. I was too busy. But then I needed a script to do something that was *hard* to do in ksh. I read a few things about python, including one by a guy who had switched from perl to Python and saved the mailman project from the bit bucket. I decided to try it. My original project is still running about 10 years later (well, much modified over time).

a guy who had switched from perl to Python and saved the mailman project from the bit bucket.

Did you perhaps mean Don Hopkins? I know that guy! He's the one who taught me some nifty python in the first place, as i had to script a Telit AT module and i had no fscking clue on where to start. Now i prefer Python over any other scripting language. It's great and so easy to use. I love it.

My family and i had moved country and the school did not have any computer programs (as in ITGS or computer science). with me being a complete geek i took it upon myself to teach myself computer science. i spent quite a while flopping around the internet learning about virtual machines and linux, eventuall i decided to take up programming, started looking for tutorials for C++ but all suggestions pointed to Python as a starting language. im continuing to learn python and im loving every step i take

I was looking for a high level language to program a.i. in and after trying AutoHotkey I decided to try Python since it provides standard library support for more processing primitives. (Threading and multiprocessing.)

I fell in love with Python the moment I started using it to solve scientific problems. That was about 7 years ago. Before that I used C and then Pascal/Delphi.

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